Thursday, December 9, 2010

dumb blondes

ok lets talk about blondes.2 thirds of them are stupid and self-centred the other third of blondes are great people.i go to school with so many blondes and in my year im only friends with 4 of them . most of the other blondes i dont know that well ,i know what you'er thinking how can i judge them if i don't know are right. but the blondes i do know that aren't my friends i hate.especially C.R(i cant use thier full names) she actually isn't blonde any more she dyed her hair brown but she still acts like friend and i came up with a name for her B.H.B (bobble head bimbo) on account of her big head and small know what she did the other day? she hit me and didn't expect to get hit back.oh was she wrong i turned around and hit her right back ,the little bitch had the nerve to hit me again .the slap that landed on her face was then we started fighting. (i didn't do that much just pushed her and she fell back ,i did this over and over again)when we finish fighting everyone was giving me high fives turns out they all hate her too,they just don't do anything about it .by the way i don't usually hit people who are smaller than me but she really pissed me off .if you thought it was over you are wrong .we take the same bus home ,but i sit upstairs and she sit downstairs ,in the end we eventually have to meet (she gets off after my stop).ttyl.